Leg attachment Instructions:

1. Remove all parts and accessories from parts box and check against the enclosed list. 2. Turn table upside down, take care not to scratch the top (use the shipping crate or assemble on carpet. 3. See Diagram #1. Remove the nut and washer from each leg and insert the leg into diagonal holes in the bottom of the game. 4. Assemble the nut and washer to the leg bolts and finger tighten. Make sure each leg is pulled squarely into the corner of the cabinet, on all four sides, before tightening with a wrench. Be careful not to over-tighten the nuts. 5. Use two people to set table upright and wipe off with a damp cloth. Note: There are two different leg designs, but both install the same. Ball Return Tube Attachment A. Screw ball return tube with flang onto the side of the ball box with four screws.


Assemble Foosball :

6. Install the bearings into the table from the inside of the game to the outside. (see detail in DIagram #2 for bearing insertion). (Reference Only) 7. See Diagram #2 & #3. Thread appropriate rods through the corresponding bearing hole (be careful, there are two 3-man rods and the shortest of these two rods is the goalie rod). Thread the rod through one side of the cabinet and wipe a thin coating of silicone on the rod using a cloth or paper towel. Thread one (1) black rubber bumper onto the rod (make sure that the side of the bumper with the holes always faces the cabinet wall). See Diagram #4. Thread the appropriate number of men onto each rod (smiling face of black men facing yellow goal and smiling face of yellow men facing black goal. See note.) followed by another rubber bumper on the far end. Slide the end of the rod into bearing hole in the opposite cabinet wall. Note: This references black and yellow men, but tables have different colored men.


Diagram # 3


Diagram # 4


Assemble Foosball

8. See Diagram #5. To secure the men, align the holes in each man with the holes in the rod. Using the rod support block under the rod through the man with a hammer until it is flush on both sides.


Diagram # 5


Assemble Foosball Steps :

9. To remove the men, place the pointed end of the included roll pin punch into the rol pin and drive it out. The roll pins are reusable. 10. See Diagram #2. Mount the score assemblies at each end of the table. 11. See Diagram #6. Level the table with shims provided by placing a shim under the necessary leg. The shims are designed to fit into the leg boots which then slide over the bottom of each leg or screw in or out the leg levelers. 12. Lubricate the game at least once a month. In order to lubricate, first wipe each rod with a clean dry cloth. Second, pull the handle end of each rod out towards you and apply one drop of silicone to the top of the rod, approximately one inch from the outside of the game. Continuously spin the rod while pushing it in and pulling it out of the game. Finally, remove any excess silicone with a clean soft cloth.


Diagram # 6